You have been warned! Silent posting will get you blocked from posting on Facebook. So, what is silent posting?

It’s a popular way of introducing yourself to new potential fans. Do a search of your topic, find a bunch of fan pages to interact with, go on over and say “Hi”.

For me, I have always struggled with the conundrum – those who use this practice certainly get more fans, much much faster than the rest of us. But it goes against the grain of my moral approach to social media, which is specifically, put your content out there and do what you can to attract attention, but stop way short of forcing interaction.

This week I’ve had two “friends” post their own promotions on my profile wall. I didn’t ask these people to promote their product through my network, and I also wasn’t able to remove the posts this time round without reporting them as spam. Despite how lovely the promotions may have been, they were in fact spam. They were innocent enough as they were just people in my network asking for a free plug. Yet the whole purpose of social media is that you put your content out there, if people like it, they are free to interact – or not interact. It is totally up to them. If I go over to their page and post something, it automatically forces them to interact – not cool in my view of social media, unless they are someone I am already engaging with in a positve way, who I know will appreciate my sharing something that is of interest to them, not of benefit to me.

The same goes for hopping on over and saying hi to a bunch of randoms just to get their attention. I suppose you could liken it to neighbourliness. If you move to a new neighbourhood, you may or may not be the kind of person who is likely to knock on everyone’s door to introduce yourself, and let them know about the skills you are bringing to the neighbourhood. When that extends to dropping a leaflet in the letterbox of every household in town, that becomes something very different – and it’s called Junk Mail. Nobody likes junk mail. If fanpage you posting on is as remote from you as that letterbox across the other side of town you just poked junk mail into, then you know you’ve over stepped the mark.

Just to help you know where to draw the line, if you do some Silent Posting, Facebook are going to remind you about the rules of engagement in this free social media network, and sin bin you for a spell.

Can you really afford to have that time out?

For social media to truly be social, it relies on relationships. Relationships require boundaries, and just like you would think before assuming you could start up a conversation with someone in the street or in a pub, you need to ask whether your interaction would be welcome online as well.

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