With any discussion group, you will find times when you are getting too much interaction, and at other times you are not getting enough.

Essentially, we all like to choose how much interaction we would like to experience.

When a Facebook Group is created, the default settings send an email to every member alerting you of new posts in the group. This may or may not appeal to you – depending on how much interaction you would like to have with the group. Whoever sets up the group can add people, even without asking them!

With a large group, particularly one encourages a lot of discussion, you may prefer to catch up on everything once you go online, and not receive any email notifications at all.

To change these settings, go to the group, page, at look for the Edit Settings button at the top of the page. Here you will find a link that takes you through to the place on Facebook which allows you to setup ALL of your Facebook notifications. This is where you can go to personalise your settings for all Facebook content.

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