Have you noticed problems tagging in posts lately? Perhaps you used to be able to tag people and pages in all of your posts, but it’s not working any more? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It’s not your settings. All fan pages are moving to a model where you can only interact with other pages, and so far as I’m aware, that’s to protect the privacy of individuals.

It’s one of the benefits of having a “Profile” rather than a “Page”. But as more people become aware of the Facebook rule which says you can’t have a Profile unless you are a real person, the pressure mounts to move over to a Page.

Just a year ago you could still create a profile for a business. Now you can’t even get close. Try it – as soon as you enter most words that have any slight hint of a business identity, or something that isn’t something loosely following the syntax of John Smith, an algorythm will block you from registering, leaving businesses new to Facebook with no option but to register in the individual’s name. From there, either make the decision to promote your business in the way you intended – or, do what Facebook wants you to do and create a yourself a Fan Page.

Im my view, it’s a good thing. Many of us using Facebook to promote our businesses are very ‘etsy’ in our style – we’re small businesses, with strong personalities driving our enterprises. For these kinds of businesses, it’s innocent enough to share our lives, including our photographs, birthday celebrations, location, and who is in our network, as well as what we are saying to who. But think about it – do we really want some nameless, faceless corporation we randomly “friended” one day having the same access to our private lives?

That’s the big distinction – Pages have limited access to our private profiles. Once you “like” a Page, you can interact with it as much or as little as you like. Once you “Friend” a Profile, on the other hand – whether it’s a business or a person – they have full access to everything you post on Facebook. Do you really want a personalised Birthday post from a major brand? Where would you draw the line?  Kinda defeats the purpose of social media “networking” if you ask me.

If you’d like to tag a Profile in a post from your Page, the only way around it at the moment is to use your personal Profile to tag the Profile you would like to mention and your Page in the same post. If you’re not keen on using your Profile in that way, then there’s only one way for your fans to connect – and that’s for you to wait for them to tag you!

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